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eMentorMarketing is a professional services information firm founded on sound strategic thinking, usability, creativity, and insightful applications of technology. The eMentorMarketing Team plans, builds and markets successful business ideas for today's online business environment. At eMentorMarketing, our mission is simply to provide our members with actionable, strategic, creative and technical marketing solutions, enabling them to establish their business via online marketing strategies. Since your online business never stops there is never a "final draft" of your online marketing goals. Your web presence grows organically to reflect what is happening with your business, your marketing strategies, your competition and changes in web technology. We will alter our memberships and the available content when it is warranted, with all focus on delivering best in class online marketing strategies.

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Our approach is summed up by five powerful words - Discover, Explore, Develop, Analyze and Implement. The result is an actionable report of business goals as they apply to real world, customer-centric, technology-driven solutions.

The end goal for all of our members is an online presence that is easily identified and differentiated from the competition.

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