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We have being actively brainstorming to come up with Month by Month Actionable Marketing Tips for the forthcoming year.

To do this we’ve been looking at our data and the projects that we have an ongoing vested interest in, and we’ve included some assumptions into the data based on behavior from previous years.

So Without Further Ado Here Are The…

August 2011 Actionable Marketing Tips

  1. Be Consistent – Stop and Start Marketing Takes More Energy than Building a Consistent Credible presence.
  2. Be Unique – Don’t flat out clone your competitors.
  3. Know how your target market will choose your product or service.
  4. Stop waiting for a ‘Better‘ economy.

July 2011 Actionable Marketing Tips

In this month of “Mid-Summer’s Nights and Day Dreams” stay focused on the fundamentals of your small business.

June 2011 Actionable Marketing Tips

Improve Your Local Google Ranking

  1. Include a link to your website in your social media profiles filled out with your business address.
  2. Insert your city or metro in your page titles.
  3. Claim your business page on Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and of course Google.

May 2011 Actionable Marketing Tips

  1. Connect with your local business community.
  2. Schedule a local small business resource meeting to introduce your industry.
  3. Visit a local tradesman breakfast hangout, and start up discussions with the regulars about your business.
    Tradesmen are typically solopreneurs or small business owners who can spread your business awareness via WOM.

April 2011 Actionable Marketing Tips

  1. Read Up On HTML 5.
  2. Create a SWOT Chart Comparing Your Company to You Top 3 Competitors.
  3. Draft A Content Marketing Editorial Calendar.

March 2011 Actionable Marketing Tips

  1. Local Marketing Tips 
  • Include your address and local phone number on all pages of your website.
  • Use location – local keywords for SEO.
  • Guest post and comment on local blogs.
  • Become members in your local chamber of commerce.
  • Support community events.

February 2011 Actionable Marketing Tips

  1. Start an email marketing program
    • Start small with an email service like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.
    • Create a giveaway to entice people to sign up for your list.
    • Use your blog to create an RSS campaign if you’re short on time to create content for email.
  2. Participate in two new industry forums or Facebook groups
    • See what problems people are having and offer help or solutions.
    • Get to know others in your field-they might have referral business at some point.
    • If there is no Facebook group for your industry, start one and invite people through Twitter.
  3. Seek guest blogging opportunities
    • Look through blogs and websites for industry colleagues.
    • Email with an offer of 2-3 topics for a potential guest blog post.
    • Promote your guest blog post.
  4. Create a referral program
    • Decide on a simple give-back to customers who refer new business to you.
    • Consider giving the one-time referral discount to the new client and the referring client.
    • Tell your current clients that you have a referral program (via email, mailer, or phone), and encourage them to refer new business to you.

January 2011 Actionable Marketing Tips

  1. Use Mobile to Connect with Your Customers.
    • Is Your Site Mobile Accessible?
    • Do You Have a Mobile App Idea?
  2. Use Social Media as an Integral Part of Your Marketing Plan.
    • Listen on Twitter.
    • Create A Page on FaceBook.
    • Contribute to a Social Bookmarking Site.
  3. Update Your Customer Profile for 2011
    • Update the devices used by your customers.
    • Update the geographic and demographics on your customer file.
  4. Write Your 140 character Twitter Pitch
    • Practice Practice Practice
    • Test Test Test
  5. Use an Editorial Calendar to Keep On Message
    • An editorial calendar is purely a schedule of where you are writing, what topics you plan to cover, and when you plan to write about those topics. 

One thing to note about Actionable Marketing Tips: Always include room to seize an opportunity. There are tactics and tools that will pop up and demand your attention. Or, you just may not feel that particular marketing tactic at that moment. A solid marketing tip is a fluid document. It’s OK to switch things up. Just make sure each item finds a place on your calendar.

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